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Healthy and Tasty Thanksgiving Recipes Curated for Healthcare Professionals

Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! Can you believe it? We sure can’t…

And chances are, if you work in healthcare, your schedule has made it tough for you to schedule out time to fit the holiday in at all[...]

By Christi Green | November 15,2018 | Categories: fall, holidays, Thanksgiving, busy schedules, recipes

10 Reasons Why New Hampshire is the Best Place to Live and Work

Did you know that New Hampshire is considered to be one of the best states in America based on metrics for personal and economic freedom? Home to the beautiful Seacoast Region, Mount Washington,[...]

Why it Pays (Literally) to Join the Nursing Team at Frisbie

We at Frisbie Memorial Hospital pride ourselves on our people. After all, we are acutely aware that people are the foundation of what healthcare is about. Because of that fact, we are willing to[...]

By Christi Green | October 23,2018 | Categories: nurse careers, Nurses

Everything You Need to Know About a Geropsychiatry Nursing Career

Choosing a nursing specialty or continuing to grow within one is a very important process. While being a staff nurse has advantages, specializing can actually make you a more valuable asset. One[...]

By Christi Green | October 10,2018 | Categories: geropsychiatry, nurse careers

Fall with Grace into a New Healthcare Career

Last month we shared with you how to get prepared for the fall recruitment season and guess what…it officially starts THIS SATURDAY! Fall is here and so are an incredible array of newly open roles[...]

By Christi Green | September 20,2018 | Categories: fall, Job search

Your Pre-September Healthcare Career Checklist

Can you believe that August is already halfway over? We can’t either! However, now is the perfect time to get yourself positioned for a new or improved role within the healthcare industry.

10 Ways to Get More Steps into Your Healthcare Work Day

Step goals…admit it…you have them. Everyone does. By now most people are aware of the CDC’s recommendation of 150 minutes of physical activity per week, which certain companies like Fitbit have[...]

By Christi Green | August 17,2018 | Categories: exercise, New Hampshire

5 Incredible TED Talks for Healthcare Professionals

If you are a member of the healthcare field, chances are you see many inspirational and innovative things on a daily basis. However, to that same argument, you most likely see an equal amount of[...]

Top Cover Letter Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Ah, the infamous cover letter! It seems like the format, the preferred tone and the overall approach to crafting this important element of the hiring process changes every month! However,[...]

Books Every Nurse Can and Should Read this Summer

A quick Google search will provide you with several solid digests of relevant books nurses can learn from in a professional way. Some examples include:

By Christi Green | July 09,2018 | Categories: Summer, Nurses

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