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Top Cover Letter Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Ah, the infamous cover letter! It seems like the format, the preferred tone and the overall approach to crafting this important element of the hiring process changes every month! However,[...]

Books Every Nurse Can and Should Read this Summer

A quick Google search will provide you with several solid digests of relevant books nurses can learn from in a professional way. Some examples include:

By Christi Green | July 09,2018 | Categories: Nurses, Summer

How to Shape Up Your Healthcare Resume for Summer

It seems like everyone is focused on getting that bikini body for the summer months, but is anyone out there considering the shape their resume is in? Is your resume carrying extra weight? Is the[...]

By Christi Green | June 28,2018 | Categories: Summer, Job search, resumes

An Interview with Dr. Trevor Eide, Emergency Medical Services Director at Frisbie Memorial Hospital

We sat down with Dr. Trevor Eide, the Director of Emergency Medical Services at Frisbie Memorial Hospital, to get his take on life in New Hampshire, working at Frisbie, and the Frisbie Emergency[...]

Spring into Summer! - 6 Fun Things to Do in New Hampshire

The trees are flowering, the birds are singing, everyone is outside... it's finally spring! And there's nowhere more beautiful to enjoy spring than in New Hampshire. Read on for six of our[...]

4 Reasons Why New Hampshire is a Great State to be a Physician

The Freedom State, the Granite State… New Hampshire is known for a lot of things. But did you know that one of the things it should be known for is being a great place for physicians? We know - it[...]

By Christi Green | April 03,2018 |

3 Easy, Healthy Dinner Hacks for Tired Nurses

We know what it's like - at the end of a long shift, all you want to do is collapse on the couch and sleep for a year. The thought of putting on pajamas even seems like too much of an effort. When[...]
By Christi Green | March 14,2018 |

10 Reasons Why New Hampshire is our Favorite State for Doctors

10. Incredible natural beauty. 

5 Fun Things to do in New Hampshire in the Winter

When it's cold out, sometimes its hard to think of anything you want to do except sit by the fire with a hot drink! But don't make that mistake this winter! New Hampshire is full of fun,[...]
By Christi Green | February 21,2018 | Categories: New Hampshire, Rochester, New Hampshire

4 Great Valentine's (Or Galentine's!) Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Nurse

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Who could use a sweet and thoughtful Valentine's Day present more than your favorite nurse? Whether it's a Valentine's present for your sweetie or a[...]

By Christi Green | February 06,2018 | Categories: Nurses, gifts nurse, gifts for nurses

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