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4 Great Valentine's (Or Galentine's!) Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Nurse

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Who could use a sweet and thoughtful Valentine's Day present more than your favorite nurse? Whether it's a Valentine's present for your sweetie or a[...]

By Christi Green | February 06,2018 | Categories: Nurses, gifts nurse, gifts for nurses

3 Things Every Healthcare Worker Should Do in 2018

It's time for a fresh start after the wild ride that was 2017! In 2018, experts are predicting there are going to be many changes in healthcare, insurance, and much more. So, here are our best[...]

3 Things Healthcare Employers are Thinking When They Read Your Resume

When you’re job hunting, sending out resume after resume can feel exhausting. But don’t let it get you down! A great resume is one of the best tools you have to show your future employer that[...]

4 Things Nurses Should Never Include in a Cover Letter

Cover letters may be an important part of a nurse’s job application, but writing them may not exactly be our favorite thing to do. Check out our quick guide to make sure you don’t leave any of[...]

10 Gifts for All the Nurses on Your Holiday Shopping List!

We know holiday shopping can be a little bit maddening, so we've done it for you! Here's our list of the ten best presents every nurse needs - and best of all, they're all available on Amazon, so[...]

Why You Should Be a LNA at Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Wondering what your next career move is going to be? Here are all the reasons why you should absolutely consider working as an LNA at Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New Hampshire!

5 of the Most Annoying Myths About Nursing

1. Nurses were all people who wanted to become doctors but weren’t smart enough. 

By Christi Green | November 16,2017 |

3 Things About Being a Geripsych Nurse That Will Make You Remember Why You Love Your Job

Geriatric psychiatry isn’t exactly the easiest nursing specialization. It’s a lot of work and your patients need a lot from you. Some days you might feel like you’ve picked the wrong profession,[...]

10 Free iPhone Apps Every Nurse Needs

You payed all that money for the expensive iPhone, so you better be getting good use out of it! We've compiled the list of the 15 best apps for nurses, and all of them are FREE! Happy nursing!

By Jeanette Rowlinson | October 24,2017 | Categories: Nurses, apps for nurses

Our Top 3 Tips for Nailing your Next Nursing Interview

Yeah, we don't think there's anyone who wakes up in the morning feeling super excited about a job interview. Interviews for nursing positions can feel even worse - being a nurse is a stressful[...]

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